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vSphere Optimization Assessment

vcopslogo-250x228Back in February 2014 VMware launched a program for its partners called “vSphere Optimization Assessment” program or short VOA. Partners are provided with a toolset to do health check like assessments. The VMware Solution Provider can show up as a trusted advisor to its customers and analyze the virtual infrastructure. As a VMware customer you can expect a 30 pages strong report that gives you detailed information on overprovisioned VMs, unused resources and incorrect planning that may result in bad VM performance. As a nice side effect your virtual infrastructure will be enriched with a trial version of vCenter Operations that can be used to troubleshoot your VMware environment.

The analysis of the infrastructure is done with the above mentioned VMware management product vCenter Operations. vC Ops collects the information from vCenter and gives the opportunity to show wasted resources in a good looking report that can also be presented to c-level managers. I think it’s important to note that no data is uploaded anywhere, everything stays in your datacenter.

As part of the assessment the VMware partner installs the vC Ops virtual appliance and connects it to the vCenter. The installation is radical simple and could also be done remotely. In the next phase of the assessment the tool needs a learning period that should not be less than 3 weeks. The learning has to be done because vC Ops needs some weekly pattern to be accurate in its assumptions. Afterwards the consultant has to set some parameters within vCenter Operations before the reports are generated.

From my perspective it’s a win win situation for customers and for partners. The partner is presented with a toolset to do health checks and the customer is gaining deeper insights in wrong planed, deployed and configured VMware environments. Last but not least the customer is presented with the benefits of the so called new vSphere. vSphere with Operations Management or short VSOM.

The assessment can be the first step to stop the uncontrolled growth and VM sprawl that took place in any virtualization environment. Uncontrolled growth because it’s so easy to create new servers these days and for sure even forget why it was created. Is it test? Is it used or is it an idle VM that could be deleted to free up the needed storage space? The report will be a good starting point to find and identify those VMs.

As a VMware partner you should definitely check Partner Central. Here is a Link that guides you to the correct landing page. Note that you have to be logged in to get redirected.


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