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vSphere Optimization Assessment – VOA

vSphere Optimization Assessment – VOA

vROpsDBDo you have a vSphere environment that has grown over the last couple of years? Do you have the feeling that many of the provisioned VMs are oversized? Are your troubleshooting activities cost you time and therefore money? If you answer only one of the questions with yes then I’d encourage you to take a look at our vSphere Optimization Assessment or short VOA.

The VOA is a VMware SE or VMware Partner driven activity that helps you to shed a light into grown VMware infrastructures. The VOA uses the trial version of our vRealize Operations or short vROps product. The VMware or VMware Partner Systems Engineer installs a small PAK file into vROps that enables the solution to deliver 4 assessment reports. These reports cover different Health Check like aspects you don’t want to miss if you got the feeling that “something could be optimized” in your environment.

Let me give you a small explanation of the VOA reports. The first report is a small configuration check. Ranging from HA Cluster, Host parameters like NTP, SSH and physical BIOS settings. The second report goes into details about any kind of performance issue. Ranging from network packet drops, storage, HBA and VMDK latency issues to Snapshot related problems. The third report is all about resizing opportunities, showing oversized and Idle VMs. Further more the report gives you some guidance, how to right-size the VMs and the Infrastructure hosting these workloads. The last one is a summary overview, covering all the details in one report that can be used as a reference for further analysis.

I’ve done many VOAs by myself in the past. All customer were impressed to see how vROps helps to troubleshoot and monitor their environment in an end to end fashion. From the application to the spindle inside their storage systems. To enrich the assessment, I tend to install different kind of Management Packs into vROps to show the customer the troubleshooting and IT infrastructure “big picture drawing” capabilities of vROps. At my last VOA I installed Management Packs from Blue Medora like the NetApp Pack to show how deep and easy we provide troubleshooting options for the storage infrastructure as well. Here is the Link to our Solution Exchange where all the Management Packs for vROps are listed.

If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Updated: 7. December 2015 — 0:32

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