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VOA – VMware vSphere Optimization Assessment

VMware vSphere Optimization Assessment

healthIn the last two years I’ve done a lot of vROps aka. vCOps enablement in the field. In my last days as a certified instructor I delivering many vCOps 5.0 to 5.8 classes for partners and customers. I also ran countless partner enablement sessions about the vSphere Optimization Assessment – VOA program. So after two years I thinks its time to bring this knowledge to a readable and shareable place. Here you can look it up very easily if you plan to do a VOA or want to customize your installed vROps environment to your needs. From my perspective, the VOA evolved to a stage where its really worth calling it a vSphere – Health Check. The assessment provides you deeper insides and best practices about your virtualized infrastructure. Information about proper HA / DRS cluster configuration, performance problems and right-sizing recommendations for your VMs and Hosts. Especially due to the new reporting engine in vRealize Operations 6.1 the VOA advanced in the following areas:

  • Top-N widgets can be used to represent top consuming objects.
  • Latency information about HBAs, Datastores and Network objects.
  • Better report visibility due to Average, Max and Latest metric information
  • Rightsizing Views to help better size your VMs
  • So much more…

If this VOA stuff is completely new to you I encourage you to read this intro or watch this short video here.

Article series about how to customize vRealize Operations:


VOA related Best Practices:

General information regarding vRealize Operations

  • vROps – Understanding Views in vROps (soon)
  • vROps – Understand vROps Policies and Custom Groups (soon)
  • vROps – Monitoring Services and Applications (soon)
  • vROps – The concept of vROps Management Packs (soon)



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