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VOA – Customize vROps 6.1 Reports to your needs

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-14 um 00.09.54I’ve done many vSphere Health Checks in the past using vRealize Operations or short vROps. This post is about how to enrich the built-in VOA Reports. If you have no idea what a VOA is, please read this first. Even if you’re not interested in VOA’s itself this post will help you to understand how to edit Views and Reports in vRealize Operations. First things first. If you need to edit the built-in Reports, because of adding metrics and properties you are interested in, you have to understand that its all about editing Views. That’s because a Report in vROps … Continue reading

vSphere Optimization Assessment

vcopslogo-250x228Back in February 2014 VMware launched a program for its partners called “vSphere Optimization Assessment” program or short VOA. Partners are provided with a toolset to do health check like assessments. The VMware Solution Provider can show up as a trusted advisor to its customers and analyze the virtual infrastructure. As a VMware customer you can expect a 30 pages strong report that gives you detailed information on overprovisioned VMs, unused resources and incorrect planning that may result in bad VM performance. As a nice side effect your virtual infrastructure will be enriched with a trial version of vCenter Operations … Continue reading

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