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Embrace your inner architect with VMware’s new design & deploy courses

When it comes to advanced trainings its always a good Idea to keep an eye on who will be the Instructor. I had so much fun delivering the advanced trainings for VMware in the past. Like the Old “Deploy, Secure & Analyze”, “Optimize & Scale” and the Troubleshooting for sure. When it comes to quality, every student will measure the success of the course mainly on the experience and teaching skills of the instructor. You’re right, the facility and some environmental factors are also important but nothing is more disappointed to realize that you are more experienced in the subject than the Instructor. Could become a long week… :)

Embrace your inner architect with VMware’s new design & deploy courses

You may be familiar with the VMware courses focused on giving you the skills needed to make the most of VMware products and technology, including Install, Configure, Manage, Optimize & Scale, and Troubleshooting. Design & Deploy courses take your training and skills to a whole new level. These courses emphasize architecture, design, and deployment. We created them to help our customers and partners take greater control of their environments by providing a deeper dive into infrastructure, design principles, and deployment best practices.

Updated: 4. December 2015 — 9:38

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