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vROps Management Packs by Blue Medora


Big picture drawing, intelligent metric analysis and dynamic thresholds, complete datacenter monitoring, event correlation, easy to consume dashboards, reporting, heatmaps, application and service monitoring, automated actions and remediations, dependency mappings …

Sounds familiar? Sure! Most of the Monitoring-Solutions vendors are promising some of those capabilities. From my point, working with vRealize Operations i can definitely tell you all of those features and many more are available and ready to use with vROps.

The beauty of vROps is the capability of integrating all other aspects of your datacenter. Metrics you want to analyze, monitor and correlate to and with informations coming … Continue reading

vSphere Optimization Assessment – VOA

vSphere Optimization Assessment – VOA

vROpsDBDo you have a vSphere environment that has grown over the last couple of years? Do you have the feeling that many of the provisioned VMs are oversized? Are your troubleshooting activities cost you time and therefore money? If you answer only one of the questions with yes then I’d encourage you to take a look at our vSphere Optimization Assessment or short VOA.

The VOA is a VMware SE or VMware Partner driven activity that helps you to shed a light into grown VMware infrastructures. The VOA uses the trial version of our vRealize … Continue reading

Site Recovery Manager 5.5 – Licensing for SMB

VMware-SRM-250x155Today I had a customer situation where I had to dig deeper into Site Recovery Manager or short SRM licensing. Normally this is not a big thing, because VMware provide an excellent SRM FAQ. The challenge was, my case wasn’t explicitly described. So I thought it is worth to share it with the community. As you can see in the header of the post, I need to architect a SRM configuration for a very small environment when it comes to VM count.

Customer Situation:

•Two sites
•Three ESXi hosts per site
•One vCenter per site
•Bi-directional protection
•Less than … Continue reading

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