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No mouse pointer in vSphere Web Client using OS X – Workaround

fusion7Recently I was trying to install some VMs from scratch with my brand new MacBook Pro. Honestly I’m a newbie at the Macbook so all this new shortcuts and touchpad behavior made this trivial task even harder. The first impression while using the vSphere WebClient with Chrome was very good. Everything works as expected and the overall feeling was good. Then I wanted to create some new VMs from scratch and experienced a real issue. The Problem is that there is no mouse available till you install VMware tools. This behavior is officially described in the KB article KB2076794.… Continue reading

VMware vRealize Operations Insight

loginsight-250x129At the recent VMworld in San Francisco VMware announced a new management solution. The package vRealize consists of vCenter Operations Management Suite Advanced edition and vCenter Log insight. You might argue that there is nothing new with this announcement. Be careful, the most important point to highlight is a licensing related aspect. With this new solution, both products can be purchased under the well-known per CPU model, just like the vSphere licenses. There was already a chance to get vCops Advanced per CPU but this opportunity was only a sales promotion. Now you can purchase the extensive Log management, analysis … Continue reading

VMware Infrastructure Planner

VIP-239x250Additionally to my last post, VMware has released another assessment tool. The so called Infrastructure Planner is designed to be executed by VMware Partners. The key differentiator in comparison to the vSphere Optimization Assessment is the visualisation of potential capex savings for customers if they take the next step torwards the Software Defined Datacenter or short SDDC. Beside the capex savings, another point to mention is the shorten data collection time. The time to gather the needed information in this assessment takes “only” 1-9 day. If you look at the minimum of three weeks a VOA should run this is … Continue reading

vSphere Optimization Assessment

vcopslogo-250x228Back in February 2014 VMware launched a program for its partners called “vSphere Optimization Assessment” program or short VOA. Partners are provided with a toolset to do health check like assessments. The VMware Solution Provider can show up as a trusted advisor to its customers and analyze the virtual infrastructure. As a VMware customer you can expect a 30 pages strong report that gives you detailed information on overprovisioned VMs, unused resources and incorrect planning that may result in bad VM performance. As a nice side effect your virtual infrastructure will be enriched with a trial version of vCenter Operations … Continue reading

Free e-learning: Horizon View [V6.0]

VMware has released a free e-learning course about its NEW desktop virtualization solution Horizon 6. This 4h online class will cover the basics about the core product Horizon View.

Follow this Link to register for the online class.

After completing the course, you should be able to:

• Diagram the View architecture.
• Discuss the key benefits and features of View.
• List common View use cases.
• List and explain the View components.
• List the main View deployment steps.
• Explain the View Composer requirements and installation steps.
• Discuss the View Connection Server requirements and installation steps.… Continue reading

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